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Malamix – the miracle cure

Malamix – We are convinced of the product.

But, that you know already.

For people who do not yet know the product, here is a brief description: Malamix17 is a liquid of 17 natural ingredients (eg ginger, calendula, aloe vera, echinacea etc.) developed by the Belgian veterinarian – specialized in koi – Maarten Lammens. This liquid (I call it “herbal liqueur” 😉) helps the koi to increase their own defenses and thus improve their immune system. That means that they become more resistant and strong against bacteria and parasites.

Healthy koi thanks to prevention.

We already know that “prevention is worth more than cure” but Malamix17 can also cure. We use it when we see that the koi are stressed. Stress is very obvious in white koi since they become “pink” (because the veins become more obvious). With a simple treatment of Malamix17 (1 liter of product is good for 10,000 liters of pondwater) and the koi are cured.

We call “stress” to “undefined” situations such as:

  • introduction of new koi in an existing hierarchy
  • drastic temperature changes
  • after a chemical treatment of the pond water
  • etc.

Healthy Koi thanks to an efficient and natural product.

By the way: As I am so convinced of the product, I asked Maarten if I could use it, too. His answer was “in principle yes, if it were not for the substances that I have incorporated to increase the biological bacteria in the filter” 😉

And since there was so much positive reaction, Maarten worked to incorporate these ingredients into koi feed.

Talking colloquially: the feed is like the “Actimel” – it works from inside.

And – to return to the original reason for writing this article – to show that it is not only us who is happy with the product, here are some voices of our clients:

The food is great. The koi like to eat it and the water does not turn turbid. However, I only give them as much as they eat in about 5 minutes. In winter little and in summer more. The other feed that I had previously used, was always leftover.

Axel (Alicante)


The Malamix feed goes well, I at least see them healthy, beautiful and with a good growth.

(Miguel, Balearic Islands)


Since I use Malamix I see my fish calmer and with less stress, therefore, its use is totally advisable.

(Antonio, Málaga)


I have been using Malamix mixed with Ichi summer or winter according to season for more than three years now and I am very happy because I have never had a sick koi so far, so I will follow the same diet at the moment.

(Luis, La Coruña)

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