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Shusui & Sushi

Shusui & Sushi

We all know that the Japanese name of our beautiful koi are quite difficult … but now on top we mix with another word: Shusui & Sushi.

Our intention is not to confuse you.

We would like you to learn the difference in a funny and perhaps a little bit provocative way (like that you will retain the learned lesson easier).

Ok – let’s see … what is the difference between Shusui & Sushi ?

Shusui is a variety of koi.

And Sushi is a special Japanese style to prepare raw fish.

Every year on June 18th the International Day of Sushi is celebrated.

And we in Koi Hacienda – we decided to celebrate the Day of Shusui.

The Shusui is the doitsu (= without scales) variant of an Asagi. This variety is a cross between a scaleless carp with Asagi. It was the first doitsu variety of koi.

To “judge” a Shusui you should take into consideration the following criteria:

  • the dorsal scales should be dark blue
  • the dorsal scales must start behind the head and come uninterruptedly to the tail (in front of the dorsal fin there are single scales, along the dorsal fin the scales are divided into two lines and behind the dorsal fin is again a line only)
  • the dorsal scales should be well ordered
  • the head should be light blue or white
  • the pectoral fins should have red
  • they must have red on the cheeks

Obviously koi that meet all these criteria are of high quality and have their price. Koi Hacienda try to adapt to the Spanish public that gradually is assessing the quality koi and is gradually understanding there is a price to pay for it.

Shusui & Sushi

Shusui where you con appreciate the organisation of the dorsal scales

In hard water and / or with a high pH, it is almost impossible to avoid black spots (both on skin and scales).

There are different types of Shusui:

  • Hi-Shusui: a Shusui whose red exceeds the sideline
  • Hana-Shusui: is a Hi-Shusui with dark blue scales in the two lateral lines
  • Ki-Shusui: instead of the red is the color yellow
  • Pearl-Shusui: with silvery scales

Take advantage of the offer on June 18th and purchase Shusui Koi Hacienda with 30% discount:

Shusui high quality (2 years)

Shusui standard quality (2 years)

and several 3 year Shusui





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