Koi Hacienda
New Koi pond Manilva (Marbella).

1. 2005

2. 75.000 L

This pond was new build by Koi Hacienda and for Koi Hacienda. The premisses from Koi Hacienda are in a nave where the central pond is the eye catcher of the Koi scene in Koi Hacienda.

The new koi pond Manilva (Marbella), was completely newly build as a part of the whole set up of Koi Hacienda as a new Koi business in Spain. The main pond had to be attractive and also an example how Koi Hacienda was able to build a proper pond. The new Koi pond Manilva (Marbella) can be called a success as Koi Hacienda received a lot if complements about the setup, the design and the filtration system.

Of course the owner Thierry Peeters had already some experience, build up in Belgium, before he moved to Spain. With more than ten years (at that time in 2005) koi keeper, he was not new in the business. He nows very well that keeping koi starts with a good pond. To assure that the Koi will stay healthy and can live long they need a comfortable environment to live. No only the pond but also the filtration system is of importance to keep your Koi healthy.

The pond is build in such a way that you never have to clean the pond. This is the issue! Because a pond who gets dirty will contain a lot of bacteria which can attack the koi. If the pond stays clean through the way it has been build the bacteria will not have the change to multi plicate themselves and start to be a danger for the Koi.

New koi pond Manilva (Marbella) has been build in such a way that it stays clean. So you can assure yourself that your koi stay healthier.