KoI Hacienda

New koi pond Barcelona

  • 2013
  • Two bead filters and two UV 110 Watt

This project is done remotely . The plans of the pond and the filtration was carried out by Koi Hacienda® and sent to the client. Thus the project is carried out by the owner with the help of its builder and plumber, with a perfect security that the workwould be done as Koi Hacienda gave the support by phone and all technical support that was necessary for carrying out the project in a perfect way.

The owner has visited us and talked hours on the project. It was very clear that he had prepared everything very well and that he knew what he you wanted. Based on the information we have made an estimate of our work and the installation of filtration. In this way we could reach an agreement and the owner has commissioned the construction company and plumber .

After we made the plans , the builder has started a new Koi pond Barcelona. Thanks to the photos that the developer has sent us on a daily basis, we were able to correct where it was needed.We had telephone conversations to explain things better, in case it was necessary. The new Koi pond Barcelona had not had no secrets for the plumber through detailed plans and telephone support . After a few weeks the promoter of the new Koi pond Barcelona was possible to put the koi into the pond.