Koi pond renovation Sierra Blanca Marbella

Koi pond renovation MarbellaSierra Blanca 

  • 2014
  • 120.000 litres
  • 3 nexus 320 y 1 bead filter, 3 x UV 110 W and 1 UVC Amalgame of 130 watt.

Further information:

This project of koi pond renovation Marbella Sierra Blanca was before a pond with few depth (60 cm), water plants, overpopulation of goldfishes, terrible water quality and sick fishes.

The owner wanted to keep the shape of the pond, so we designed a new pond, much deeper (2,20 m), with bottom drains, separate planters constructed in the pond.

The koi pond renovation Marbella Sierra Blanca is professionally build with a lot of eye for detail. The way of building keeps birds and other animals out of the pond so that the koi are save. The perfect pond for Japanese koi until a big size and high quality.

A dream koi pond for every hobbyist who wants to have excellent koi with a phantastic growing rate and nice body shape.

The pond is also build in a way that the owner always can increase the filter capacity in case he wants to put more koi.

This koi pond renovation in Marbellai Sierra Blanca is a model for the building of a real koi pond where Japanese koi can live happy and have the prefect environment for developping and forming their body shape in the  way that they are able to grow in the length and keep their torpedo form. It  is an example of a pond built for koi lover with high expectations.

We want to thank the owner that Koi Hacienda got the opportunity to build the perfect pond for the perfect koi.