Qué hacer cuándo llegan nuevos koi a casa

New koi – what to do when they arrive

New koi – what to do when they arrive

Over the years Koi Hacienda exists, we have seen many mistakes (some of them with fatal consequences) that could have been easily avoided with a little more knowledge.

In this article “New koi – what to do when they arrive” Koi Hacienda follows its philosophy to inform koi lovers.

Here are some general things to consider:

Please organise with your koi dealer that you can be at home the day the koi arrive, since it is necessary to release them as soon as possible.

The smoother the adaptation process goes, the easier your koi will get used to their new home. Calculate at least 40 minutes (depending on season and number of ordered koi).

Koi Hacienda transport box: You will find the koi in a plastic bag with some water and a lot of pure oxygen. This plastic bag is in a second plastic bag. These bags are in a cardboard box which is covered with a sheet of paper or plastic to leave the koi in the dark (to keep them calm).

The parameters of your pond water should be:

  • Nitrite (NO2): less than 0.1 mg / liter
  • Ammonia (NH3 / NH4): less than 0.1 mg / liter
  • pH: between 7 and 8.5

More information concerning water parameters, you can find in our Academy.

If you make any changes of water and you need to use water from the public network, you must neutralize it, as chlorine is harmful to fish.

We assure our customers that at the time of shipment, the koi are healthy. If we would notice the slightest indication that a koi is not right, we will inform, but not send this koi.

When they arrive at your house

Open the box slowly and gradually, removing carefully the cover sheet from the plastic bags. This process should take about 15 minutes, so that the koi can get used to the light. Doing it too abrupt, it can cause a shock to the fish which might have even mortal consequences within a few days.


Then take the (still closed !) bag and put it into your koi pond, letting it float on the surface about 10 minutes. By this, the water temperature in the bag can adapt to the temperature in the pond.

You can then open the two plastic bags and introduce a bit of pond water, so that they can get used to the water parameters of their new environment. After 5 minutes you can let in more water and then even moreThis adaptation process should take about 15-20 minutes.

If you have an oxygen stone, you can introduce it into the bag.

Completed the adaptation process you can release the koi into your pond – if possible, without the water of the transport bag.

ATTENTION: We usually use larger plastic bags to occupy as much space as possible and fill it with oxygen. That is why the bags are not inflated to the top (they would be bigger than the boxes) and may appear to be “deflated”.

Once in the pond

You better cover your pond during the first few days. New koi are stressed by the journey, the new environment, perhaps another climate, new “friends” … and so much stress may let them jump.

Do not feed the first day. Give them time to “arrive” and investigate their new home. They have been fasting the las days, so don’t exaggerate with food, even if they are very hungry.

In Koi Hacienda they are accustomed to receive “Koi Hacienda” food mixed with “Malamix” (highly beneficial for the health, increasing the mucus of the koi) and “Ichi Food” (intensifying colors). In our experience, this is the perfect mix for a balanced diet, tailored to the seasons, facilitating digestion and thus minimizing work for your filter.

Please remember, that this is a blog – share your questions and comments.

As pictures tell more than thousand words, here a video (Spanish) to visualise the process:



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