How did it start?

Once upon a time … there was a curious and intelligent boy who had been growing up in a rural area of Belgium. When not in school, he was discovering with his pony the surrounding woods, watching cloud formation, caring his small garden … all closely related to nature.

Like almost all great stories, the one of Koi Hacienda is also based on several coincidences …

The first step was, that this boy became a businessman with his own company of economists, managers and accountants. This occupation led him to seek nature in his free time in the garden of his house. The man of numbers used the opportunity that the excavator was in his garden to construct a pool, and – why not ? – make another hole for a pond as he loves aquatic plants.

The next coincidence was that – once he introduced plants – the next year there were some small fish swimming in the pond. Where did they come from ? Probably there we some eggs within the plants  … after some time, these fish had grown and gained a nice color. He really liked them.

And so, one thing came after another … He  wanted to buy more fish and went to a store where they sold koi. He bought 2 and introduced them in the pond. The next day, he found them dead beside the pond.

Why? How? Those questions led him to want to know more. To learn. He participated in several workshops taught by the prestigious Association of Holland Koi. He learned about the history of koi, families, varieties, water quality, typical diseases of koi etc. and gradually became a specialist.

In the new millennium he did a big step and sold his business in order to come to live in Spain (Málaga), which already for many years was his favorite vacation locations.

In 2004 Thierry Peeters created Koi Hacienda and establishment first opened its doors in 2006.