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Start the season with healthy koi

Healthy koi – the key factor for every koi lover. 

Because having a koi with stunning pattern but sick … ?


We are already in March and with this – in great part of the Spanish territory – the temperatures are beginning to rise.

With this rise in temperatures, our koi wake up slowly from their “hibernation”.

From 10ºC of water temperature on we can start feeding again. Better to start with very little quantity and gradually increase the frequency (from 1x per day to 3x per day).

Rising temperatures not only wake up our koi, but also bacteria and parasites.

It is not difficult to understand that these organisms develop much faster than our beloved fish. So their “attack” begins before our koi are ready to face it.

If we want to have healthy koi, we have to act NOW.

Koi Hacienda wants to help you have healthy koi from the first moment. That’s why we have developed a super offer:


Koi Hacienda already for long time has been in close contact with Koi veterinarian Maarten Lammens. During one of our visits to the “Holland Koi Show” we talked to him and he introduced us to his product Malamix17. A liquid based on 17 natural ingredients (see full sheet here) that increases the koi’s own defenses.

koi sistema imunitario prevencion

healthy koi with Malamix17

We tried it and were amazed.

When we receive the new koi from Japan or in any other stressful situation, Malamix17 does wonders. And that within very little time (usually results from 2 days).

Maarten continued researching and created a complement product: the Malamix feed (see complete sheet here).

While Malamix17 is poured into the water of the pond and absorbed through the gills of the koi, the feed follows the principle of “healthy yogurt”: Feeling good, starts from the inside “ ?


alimentación koi

healthy koi with Malamix feed

A stitch in time, saves nine. 

Take advantage of our super offer NOW.

Valid until 20th March or end of stock.

Healthy koi NOW




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