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Dainichi koi … falling in love during a photo session

Dainichi koi …

On our site there is only one entry talking about Dainichi – better said their feed Saki Hikari.

I have still pending to write an extensive article about this breeder who is currently collecting all the awards of major championships.

But … last week we took out some of the Dainichi koi of this year. We were surprised by the size: the most extraordinary tosai measured between 31 and 34 cm. For a koi with a date of birth May / June 2015 it is a very good result.

I imagine you share with me this experience:  When you take a koi out of the pond to observe it closely, you discover details you had not noticed before.

Well … at least to me it happens. The longer I am looking to a koi, the more I fall in love.

I learned to explore the body … to see details … trying to capture them in the best way possible with the camera.

As a true photographer.

But as a photographer of models can tell them how to pose and what position to take, with koi is much more difficult ?

Although we have spotlights, there is nothing better for colors than taking photos with good weather and sun shine. On the other hand, there are also reflections ?

I left some photos with reflections, because they seemed pretty:


showa Dainichi

Koi Hacienda: Koi Dainichi

Koi Hacienda: Showa Dainichi

Koi Hacienda: Koi Dainichi

To place them on the web and for a prospective buyer to get the best idea of what to buy, it needs traditional photos.

Traditional pictures of koi, are taken from up to get the best impression of the shape of the koi’s body. Dainichi koi (often from small on) have the typical form of “torpedo” that should have a good koi. In the traditional photos, the koi must be looking down, show open fins and swim in a sky blue bowl.

We do not always succeed, but this photo has come out almost perfect:


Showa Dainichi foto tradicional

Koi Dainichi. traditional photo


Koi Hacienda initially only published these type of photos to offer our koi. Since we have our online shop, we take advantage of the technical possibilities adding more photos to the gallery to offer the customer the maximum of visual information.

Koi Hacienda: Koi Dainichi detalles

Koi Hacienda: details


I would like to “use” this article to emphasize two aspects:

1. Koi to approximately 3/4 years are not defined. Like a baby or small child … they still have to develop. They change. To where? To what? Which direction? Good question … they are living beings and it is impossible to predict the path they will take. And … the worst thing is … even if they take a certain path in our facilities, does not mean that in your pond they follow the same line. So … please … get rid of the idea of buying a tosai already completely finished.

Koi Hacienda: Koi Dainichi no terminados

Koi Hacienda: Dainichi koi “still not finished”

2. I fail to express the original colors of the “product” on the web. For technical reasons I am forced to reduce the size of photos which – unfortunately – means a loss of quality of the photos. So if the photos in the “product koi” seem like dull or the red is more an orange, often is this quality loss:

Koi Hacienda: Koi Dainichi comparativo de fotos

Koi Hacienda: Dainichi koi, comparative of photos (left web / right original photo)


Here are all our “models” ? of this photo session: 

Dainichi Showa ref. 15.16.023

Dainichi Kindai Showa ref. 15.16.024

Danichi Showa ref. 15.16.022

Danichi Kohaku ref. 15.16.025

Danichi Showa ref. 15.16.021





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