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Colombo Test for water parameters of your koi pond

“How are the parameters of your water?”

That will always be the first reaction if someone contacts us when they have problems in their pond.

“Well …. the pH is at 7.8. “

This answer is acceptable for a person who starts in the world of koi.

But for those who have been around for a long time and those who APPARENTLY care about their koi, this answer is absolutely unacceptable.

In the article “Water Management for Koi Fishes” we stress out that BEFORE becoming a koi owner, you have to become a water manager.

Testing the water in your koi pond is fundamental to the health of your koi.

Here we present a complete set: Colombo Test.

Colombo Test

Koi Hacienda: Colombo Test

It is a complete set to test the water in your koi pond:

  • pH – acidity
  • KH – temporary hardness
  • GH – permanent hardness (or general)
  • NH3 – ammonia
  • NO2 – nitrites
  • NO3 – nitrates
  • PO4 – phosphate

Most of the multi-tests found in the market contain many of the parameters mentioned above, but not ALL. Colombo Test contains ALL the important tests to control the water in your pond.

Apart from being a complete set, it is an intelligent test: The most commonly used test fluids can be purchased separately.

Colombo Test, to test the water in your koi pond, is presented in a very professional way in a flat and small plastic suitcase. All of us who have worked with the individual tests, know that after a certain time, the cardboard packaging is breaking, especially when a drop falls onto it or by leaving it near the pond in a wet area.

Another disadvantage of traditional tests is that the cards to compare the results obtained may be lost. Especially if the packages no longer exist.

With the Colombo Test you have it all together in a practical suitcase. You do not have to worry about where the test or the color card is, because everything is always together.

estanque koi agua

Koi Hacienda: Colombo Test in a handy case

The most frequent parameters NH3, NO2 (ammonia and nitrites) and pH are very easy to measure: 5 ml (for ammonia 10 ml) of pond water + 5 drops of the corresponding liquid.

For the KH and GH (the two kind of hardness) the procedure is different: The drops must be added and counted until the water changes color.

And for nitrates (NO3) and phosphate (PO4), in addition to the drops, you have to add the corresponding powder.

Maybe it sounds a bit confusing, but it’s very easy, as the following video shows.

Testing the water in your koi pond is no longer a nightmare. With Colombo Test you always have everything at hand.

Now you no longer have an excuse to not have all the parameters at hand when we ask you 😉

testar agua estanque koi

Koi Hacienda: Colombo Test – handy test case

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