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Malamix Koi Hacienda

Malamix – the miracle cure

Malamix – We are convinced of the product. But, that you know already. For people who do not yet know the product, here is a brief description: Malamix17 is a liquid of 17 natural ingredients (eg ginger, calendula, aloe vera, echinacea etc.) developed by the Belgian veterinarian – specialized in koi – Maarten Lammens. This […]

estanque koi invierno

Koi in winter

Koi in winter behave differently. Here we talk about what is normal and what is not normal. If you have any further doubts after reading this article, please contact us.  Koi belong to the carp family (cyprinus carpio) and are cold water fish, that means that their body temperature depends on the temperature of their […]

Koi Hacienda eliminar viruela de carpa

Carp pox removal by surgery

Carp pox removal by surgery In February 2017 we published an article on carp pox. In that text we explained that carp pox is a benign external viral disease, which appears mostly in cold times in cyprinus carpio type fish. One of the measures to combat that cutaneous disease, is the operative elimination of that […]

simbología pez koi

Koi fish meaning

Koi are not only coloured fish. Koi have a long tradition based on the “legend of the koi”. In this article we evaluate the koi fish meaning in 6 different contexts:  1. Legend of the koi The basic reading in order to understand koi fish meaning is the “legend of the koi” (soon available to […]