estanque koi en primavera

5 tips for your koi in spring

Here in Spain we have had a late winter 2018, so that in many parts of the country water temperatures are still low. 

Take advantage of this situation and prepare your pond, so that you have healthy koi in spring. 

Bacteria, alga and parasites ARE ALREADY THERE. 

While the immune system of your koi is still sleeping (or just waking up).

In order to avoid the catastrophe in the next weeks – I mean green water and sick koi – take into consideration the following aspects: 

1. Food  

a) When temperatures raise, the activity of koi increases, they will ask for more food. Please start bit by bit. If your water temperature was below 8º your koi have been fasting. Then it is essential to start feeding just once per day during the first week (at the warmest moment of the day). The following week you can give food twice a day (midday and afternoon). Then gradually augment up to 5 times per day in summer. 


b) Another important aspect is the type of food


koi en primavera

Koi Hacienda: feeding koi in spring bit by bit

2. UV lamp bulbs

Check the UV lamp bulbs. The bulbs usually have a lifespan of about 7 months. However, throughout its life, the force decreases. That means: Although perhaps now only 5 months have elapsed, the remaining strength is not enough to face the problem of algae that begins now.

Most of the problems for koi in spring are due to the fact that the good bacteria in the filter are not yet developed and because they are not enough. Why? Because bacteria feed on ammonia. Where does ammonia come from?

  • 75% from gills
  • 25% from faeces

If in winter, the koi move little and eat little, there is hardly any ammonia and therefore the good bacteria in the filter hardly have to eat and they diminish.

3. Bacteria

Increase the amount of good bacteria in the filter by adding products with dehydrated bacteria (e.g. Bactogen)

4. Strengthen the koi

Increase the self-defense of the koi. So your koi in spring can face climate changes better and be prepared for possible diseases. We recommend Malamix17 which also helps bacteria in the filter.


5. Algae

The increase in temperature and more light cause the algae to reproduce rapidly. Our best-selling product is Biobooster: Effective against algae and harmless to koi.


I hope that these simple – but very efficient – tips will be useful for you to face well the beginning of the season.

trucos para primavera koi