doitsu Platinum Ogon

The incredible evolution of a doitsu Platinum Ogon into a Ki Kikokuryu

Once upon a time …

During our trip to Japan in February 2016 we discovered with the breeder Chogoro a precious doitsu Platinum Ogon. Chogoro is the breeder “par excellence” of the Platinum Ogon and is sweeping all the prizes in this category.

When Thierry and I “go shopping” in Japan, we feel like two children in a toy store. Or in a candy shop. We are simply captivated and amazed.

For this reason we could not resist buying two precious copies of “normal” Platinum Ogon and a doitsu Platinum Ogon. It looked so elegant.

Koi Hacienda

Koi Hacienda: doitsu Platinum Ogon

We know that Ogon Platinum do not sell so easily. A person has to arrive at our facilities and fall in love with this simple elegance that entails a completely white koi.

Therefore, we do not worry about having it in our pond for more time. A single colored koi will always be a single colored koi. And it is of good quality, it can only improve.

Koi Hacienda

With the time, we realized that the pure white was becoming “dirty“. To such an extent that we have to remove it from the website, because we did not want to offer such a “dirty” koi.

These are the risks that a businessman runs if he is dealing with live animals: they DO NOT evolve as one wants and then we “eat it with potatoes” (like you say in Spanish). Accountably, that is called “depreciating.”

Well … as the body shape was good, we let it swim in our big pond to see where it was going to shoot.

What a great surprise to see this evolution!

Who would have imagined that from this doitsu Platinum Ogon a Ki Kikokuryu would come out?

As some images say more than a thousand words, here a photo:

Koi Hacienda

Koi Hacienda: Ki Kikokuryu

And to make it very evident and not to have to scroll up and down in this article, I’ll make it easy for you:

Koi Hacienda

Koi Hacienda: doitsu Platinum Ogon => Ki Kikokuryu

The photo of the doitsu Platinum Ogon was taken on April 2, 2016. The second photo shows the same koi on October 28, 2017. We are talking about a good year and a half of difference.

And for those who want to have it even more visual, here is the link to the video of the doitsu Platinum Ogon and that of Ki Kikokuryu:

Doitsu Platinum Ogon: 

Ki Kikokuryu:

How can that happen?

Well, I have to admit that we took it completely from unforeseen.

This case shows that no matter how much you pay attention in the selection, they are still living beings and we can not predict the nature.

The only advantage has been that we have purchased a quality koi. And instead of having a quality doitsu Platinum Ogon we now have a quality Ki Kikokuryu 😀

(Or maybe a beni kikokuryu? Who knows … maybe we will live even more surprises with this koi).

For full information of the Ki Kikokuryu, please click HERE