Koi Hacienda eliminar viruela de carpa

Carp pox removal by surgery

Carp pox removal by surgery

In February 2017 we published an article on carp pox. In that text we explained that carp pox is a benign external viral disease, which appears mostly in cold times in cyprinus carpio type fish.

Koi Hacienda eliminar viruela de carpa

Carp pox on the dorsal fin of a koi 

One of the measures to combat that cutaneous disease, is the operative elimination of that tissue.

Here’s how to do it.

How to carry out carp pox removal by surgery?

That is what you will need: 

  • surgical knife
  • alcohol
  • gauze
  • propolis
  • Orahesive powder
  • large towel moistened with pond water
  • anesthetic
Koi Hacienda viruela de carpa

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Steps for carp pox removal:

  1. Prepare all the necessary objects to have them at hand
  2. Wet the towel in the pond water to wrap the anesthetized koi
  3. Anesthetize the koi (read article “How to anesthezize a koi”
  4. Once anesthetized, wrap the koi in the wet towel and leave only the part to be treated
  5. With the knife cut the benign tissue
  6. Dry the part with the gauze
  7. Apply propolis
  8. Apply Orahesive Powder
  9. Introduce the koi in a floating net in the pond until it has regained consciousness
Koi Hacienda viruela de carpa eliminar

Cutting away the tissue … 

Koi Hacienda eliminar viruela de carpa

… and “sealing” the wound with Orahesive powder 

After an intervention like that, it is always advisable to help the koi increase their own defenses. However much you try to close with Orahesive powder, it will end up being an open wound which is always a number one target for bacteria. Therefore we have great interest in strengthening the own immune system with Malamix17 (see complete product sheet).
koi prevencion enfermedades


This video was taken on September 14, 2017.

I will blog the evolution of carp pox of this koi.