Ciber Lunes en Koi Hacienda

Cyber Monday in Koi Hacienda

Cyber Monday is – as well as the Black Friday – a commercial event started in USA. 

While the Black Friday has not gained much commercial impact in Spain, Cyber ​​Monday is much more settled and accepted by customers, even if it made its debut much later: November 28, 2005.

Let us structure these special events in a chronological way:

  • 4th Thursday of November: Thanksgiving Day, a holiday to celebrate agricultural crops
  • Friday after Thanksgiving Day: Black Friday, with sales in physical stores
  • Monday after Black Friday: Cyber ​​Monday, with sales in online shops

According to wikipedia in 2014, Cyber ​​Monday online sales in the US rose to a record $ 2.68 billion, compared with the previous year’s $ 2.29 billion. However, the average order value was $ 124, slightly less than in 2013 of $ 128.

A little anecdote … Cyber ​​Monday was so successful in some countries like e.g. Argentina, that many web pages collapsed.

In Koi Hacienda we also this commercial event:

Cyber ​​Monday: only this day 20% on products and 40% on koi (except koi 3 years and +) in the online shop

So … we have events for both: for those who like to come to visit our facilities and for those who prefer the tranquility of the house to surf on our website … everyone can take advantage of great deals on Koi Hacienda.

Both – the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday –  I will send a reminder to those who are subscribed to our newsletter. If you’re not yet registered, then sign up quickly to have all the information in your email box.

So easy: Fill in the newsletter from any page on our website: it is in the footer on the right … just your email & name and you’re done! 

ciberlunes en Koi Hacienda

Cyber Monday in Koi Hacienda: ONLY this day important discounts in our online shop






Black Friday

Black Friday at Koi Hacienda

Black Friday – as many commercial events – was born in USA to incentive shopping. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

It is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving and the “black” refers to traffic jams on that day to return home after celebrating the previous day with the family.

When the Black Friday earned fame, the “black” was attributed to the business figures – which passed from red to black thanks to sales held that day.

Koi Hacienda celebrates Black Friday and offers THIS DAY ONLY – which this year falls on November 27 – 20% discount on all products and 40% in koi fishes (except koi 3 years and older) in the physical store in Manilva.

Psssst … do not worry … those who can not visit us, will get their chance Cyber Monday !!!

Black Friday

Koi Hacienda: Black Friday – ONLY THIS DAY – 20% on all products in the shop in Manilva (Málaga)



pez koi enfermo

Sick koi – quick answers

My koi is sick – what should I do? One who has a sick koi is concerned about the pet (or – if less emotional – the value that is in danger). The aim of this person is, to remedy as soon as possible.

Sick koi – quick answers

That would be best.

Perhaps we are accustomed to quick answers because today we can not afford to take our time for curing because I lose my job because my friends go out with other friends and I am going to lose the party of my life …

Headache – quick answer !?

There is not.

Because there are multiple reasons for the headache (because I have been attacked and they knocked me out, because I have a hang over, because I have not had a drop of water throughout the whole day, because I worked non-stop listening for 8 hours to customer complaints …).

And for every situation there is a different remedy …

pez koi enfermo

Sick koi ?

pez koi enfermo

Quick answer ?













Sick koi – quick answers … you will not find them.

At least not in / with Koi Hacienda.

Koi Hacienda cares about the circumstances.

Even so, we risk that certain people don’t like us.

For the simple fact, that we don’t give a quick answer.

If you contact us for a sick koi, we will need to know:

  • pond size (volume, depth, location)
  • Since when you have the pond?
  • pond population (how many koi, what size, other animals, plants)
  • water parameters (nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, temperature, water public network, well water)
  • filtration system / aeration
  • Have you introduced recently (in the last 4 weeks) new koi / new fish?
  • Have you introduced recently (in the last 4 weeks) new plants or made changes?
  • Have you done lately (in the last 4 weeks) some work / construction around the pond?
  • Have you treated lately (in the last 4 weeks) plants around the pond? And your neighbor?
  • What exactly happens to the sick koi (swims on the side,  has wound, jumps …)?
  • photo / video of sick koi (you can send it via whatsapp to +34 626 75 25 65)

After receiving this information, we will endeavor to help to cure your koi.

However, I have to point out that we are not vets so Law restricts our range of services.

This is a blog – open to debate – your comments are welcome.






Koi enfermo – respuestas rápidas … no las va a encontrar.

Por lo menos no en / con Koi Hacienda.

Nosotros en Koi Hacienda nos preocupamos por las circunstancias.

Aunque así corremos el riesgo que no caemos bien a ciertas personas.

Por el simple hecho de no dar una respuesta rápida.

Si nos contactas por un koi enfermo, necesitaremos saber lo siguiente:

  • dimensiones del estanque (volumen, profundidad, localización)
  • ¿desde cuando tienes el estanque?
  • población del estanque (cuántos koi, qué tamaño, otros animales, plantas)
  • parámetros del agua (nitrito, nitrato, amoniaco, temperatura, agua de red pública, agua de pozo)
  • sistema de filtración / aireación
  • ¿has introducido últimamente (en las últimas 4 semanas) koi / peces nuevos?
  • ¿has introducido últimamente (en las últimas 4 semanas) plantas nuevas o realizaste cambios de tierra ?
  • ¿has hecho últimamente (en las últimas 4 semanas) algún trabajo / construcción alrededor del estanque ?
  • ¿has tratado últimamente (en las últimas 4 semanas) las plantas alrededor del estanque? Y tu vecino?
  • ¿qué exactamente pasa al koi enfermo (nada de lado, tiene herida, salta …)?
  • foto / video del koi enfermo (nos lo puede enviar por whatsapp al 626 75 25 65)

Una vez recibidas estas informaciones, haremos todo lo posible para ayudarte para curar tu koi.

No obstante, tengo que señalar, que no somos veterinarios por lo cual la Ley restringe nuestro abanico de servicios.

Este es un blog – abierto al debate, a vuestros comentarios.