Qué es un núcleo zoológico

Registered zoological entity

Registered zoological entity – my personal translation of “núcleo zoológico” a legal document required in Spain. We thought it was understood. We took for granted that any activity that sells animals has its paperwork in order and legalized. But over time that Koi Hacienda has been in business, we’re becoming aware that there are much clandestine “agent” selling koi, who is neither registered as self employed nor have official licenses such as the “registered zoological entity”.

Registered zoological entity – what does that mean ?

Several regulations of the European Parliament, National Laws and Autonomous Regulations are the base of this concept.

The idea is to ensure hygienic and sanitary standards for the health and needs of the animal.

The registered zoological entity concept should be applied to:

  • animals of competition, racing and betting
  • facilities or centers for pets
  • companies selling animals
  • breeders

And there are special provisions for establishments that sell exotic pets.

This is just a brief information so you can get an idea of what “núcleo zoológico” means when you read it somewhere. Those who want to go deeper into the topic and have enough knowledge of the Spanish language, can study the links above.

Koi Hacienda was awarded by the Junta de Andalucía with the number EN 290 680 000 036

Núcleo Zoológico

Certificado de Núcleo Zoológico (registered zoological entity) de Koi Hacienda




koi de Japón

Japanese koi … Why koi from Japan?

Japanese Koi … why koi from Japan ?

And why they are more expensive?

These and many other questions we hear very often in Koi Hacienda but also in conversations with people who do not have their own koi but they have understood that this type of fish is worth a fortune.

Obviously the press is much more interested in writing a story about a fish that can cost as much as a small car instead of writing about a goldfish of a few euros.

Believing in Japanese koi has its reasons. And these reasons are not prestigious, but based on rational and proven arguments.

A somewhat provocative question: Can you think of buying a pata negra ham from Canada?

Strikes you this question?

Why ?

Oaks and pigs also exist in Canada …

If you’ve been intrigued, I invite you to read the full article in our Academy

Also question why the more expensive Japanese koi is explained in detail in the article in the Academy.

This blog is a place to exchange ideas and opinions.

Thank you for sharing your comments with us and other fans koi.


koi japonés

Japanese Koi … Why koi from Japan ? 





koi de Japón

Japanese koi … Why koi from Japan ?

Japanese koi versus koi with Japanese origin – where is the difference?

Why Japanese koi are reputed to be better?

Why Japanese koi are more expensive than koi from other countries?

These questions we are continuously asked in Koi Hacienda. They can also be found in internet forums. They are posed as well by “normal” 

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Price drop for koi transport

Price drop for koi transport with Koi Hacienda

Price drop for koi transport with Koi Hacienda!

We are very happy to announce that we have successfully negotiated the transport prices of live animals “pets” with MRW.


bajada de precios de transporte

Koi Hacienda: price drop for koi transport with MRW

Koi Hacienda will not keep this price drop increasing profits. No, it goes directly to the customer.

To you.

Therefore koi buying koi online is now far more pleasant (see article on our blog: How to buy koi online) in our 24 hours open online shop. Study the offer at any time of the day and take advantage of the price drop for koi transport.

The small box,  for up to 4 koi Tosai (see Set 4 koi Tosai) costs from now (01.10.2015) € 43 within the Spanish Peninsula.

The big box where can fit up to 20 koi Tosai or 3 nisai or one sansai costs from now (10.01.2015) € 58 within the Spanish Peninsula.