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Saki Hikari – high quality koi food

Saki Hikari – at last we got it !

Saki Hikari a high quality koi food – used by major Japanese breeders and owners who want the best for their koi.

The company states that its flagship product is due to the combination of many years of experience and research, high quality ingredients, impressive technology and strict control on the production process.

We offer the full range:

  • Saki Hikari Balance (daily use), for further information click here.
  • Saki Hikari Multi Season (low temperature), for further information click here.
  • Saki Hikari Color Enhancing (improving colors), for further information click here.
  • Saki Hikari Growth (accelerates growth), for further information click here.
  • Saki Hikari Pure White (to improve the white), for further information click here.
  • Saki Hikari Deep Red (to improve the red), for further information click here.

But it is not just “fame” … the company efficiently demonstrates the qualities. In fact, Saki Hikari is the food for the Grand Champions “All Japan Nishikigoi Show” (= the most important in the world) over the last seven (!!!) years.

It is very interesting to see what kind of food they give their promising koi and when:

Saki Hikari

Koi Hacienda: Saki Hikari feeding planning for champion koi

  • 6 months before the Show: Saki Hikari Balance, Color Enhancing, Growth o Multi Season
  • 4 months before the Show: Saki Hikari Deep Red con Balance y / o Growth
  • 2 months before the Show: Saki Hikari Deep Red con Color Enhancing
  • 2-4 weeks before the Show: Saki Hikari Deep White

The most significant issue is the so called “Hikari Germ”:

Hikari Germ

Koi Hacienda: Advantages of the Hikari Germ

“Hikari Germ” is a strain of Bacillus bacteria that once provided, proliferates itself into the intestine koi. Improves intestinal flora and thus helps the digestion of food. Thus there are several important advantages:

a) the digestion process is easier so the koi has more energy

b) the food is better absorbed and so the important ingredients can actually reach the body

c) the better the food is absorbed, the less waste is left in the water, less work for the filter, improved water quality, better health for koi

Saki Hikari

with Saki Hikari

Saki Hikari

with other food

Saki Hikari

sludge results



The experiment lasted 18 days during which 30 koi of less than a year received an amount of food equivalent to 2% of its own weight.

Also with regard to the growth of koi, studies have been made with very significant results:


Saki Hikari Growth

Saki Hikari: Excellent food to accelerate growth


Since they have done so pretty and very visual, I leave here the link of Saki Hikari with basic instructions to give food.

The important note is at the end of the article: No overfeeding. Better less than too much.  And – from a water temperature of 5 ° C – Do not feed. NOTHING. (In more temperate zones, you can apply this rule also between 9 ° C and 12 ° C).

To close the chapter: Our enthusiasm concerning finally gotten Hikari products … Those who have used themselves Hikari products probably experienced the difficulty of receiving them regularly. There is only one company in Spain that has the right to import Hikari (BCN Tropicalfish). With them we are in contact for years. We already received Hikari Staples and Hikari Gold, but Saki Hikari was rejected. The container was not accepted.

So we had to do a big detour to import this product through France … it is now available in our online shop. 

Those who have subscribed to our newsletter will receive a discount of 15% in 15 kg bags of Saki Hikari until stocks are finished.


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