Price drop for koi transport

Price drop for koi transport with Koi Hacienda

Price drop for koi transport with Koi Hacienda!

We are very happy to announce that we have successfully negotiated the transport prices of live animals “pets” with MRW.


bajada de precios de transporte

Koi Hacienda: price drop for koi transport with MRW

Koi Hacienda will not keep this price drop increasing profits. No, it goes directly to the customer.

To you.

Therefore koi buying koi online is now far more pleasant (see article on our blog: How to buy koi online) in our 24 hours open online shop. Study the offer at any time of the day and take advantage of the price drop for koi transport.

The small box,  for up to 4 koi Tosai (see Set 4 koi Tosai) costs from now (01.10.2015) € 43 within the Spanish Peninsula.

The big box where can fit up to 20 koi Tosai or 3 nisai or one sansai costs from now (10.01.2015) € 58 within the Spanish Peninsula.



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