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Koi water ballet

Probably not really worth a blog post, but … I like to share spontaneous things and anecdotes with you (that’s works very well in the social networks, in fact, I’ve also posted this on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter).

Today a customer called who wanted to buy kohaku and Purachina (officially called platinum ogon).

You know that in Koi Hacienda we always take pictures of koi and send it to the client. He then decides – with all the time he needs –  if he likes them. If not, we return to take other koi and send photos of the new proposal until the customer is satisfied.

While I was trying to get a good picture of the kohaku, they made me a gift: a water ballet. Really … they were posing and swimming in formation …! Incredible!

koi kohaku

Koi Hacienda: Koi water ballet by kohaku

But that was not all, the story does not end here. I still had to take some photos of the platinum ogon … and there, too. There they presented me another koi water ballet !!!

koi platinum ogon

Koi Hacienda: Koi water ballet by platinum ogon

These are little gifts during my labour day … a real pleasure which makes life even more enjoyable.

Please remember, this is a blog … if you want to share something similar with us … here is the right place to do.

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