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How to buy koi online

With this article How to buy koi online I would like to remove all doubts and concerns of those who are about to buy koi online, but they are afraid because they do not know exactly how and what happens to the koi.

Obviously I can only explain how we – at Koi Hacienda – do it, although there are several companies (official and less official) who are engaged in the sale and sending of koi.

To explain How to buy koi online I will simulate a purchase in the online shop of Koi Hacienda:

Koi Hacienda

Welcome to Koi Hacienda Online Shop

You have several options to find the koi or product you want:

1. filter by gender

2. filter by color (the system unfortunately does not allow multicolor)

3. filter by price

4. search

5. show by name, price, date or popularity

6. show 15, 30 or 45 items per page

7. searching by magnifying glass (always present on every page)

Koi Hacienda

Koi Hacienda Online Shop: several search options

When you have found, what you have been searching, you add it to your shopping cart.

Koi Hacienda

Koi Hacienda Online Shop: add to shopping cart

You will see your cart every time you add something, or when you click on the cart symbol that appears at any time on any page top right.

After adding an item to your shopping cart, you can continue shopping by clicking on the field “continue shopping” or selecting another category in the store.

You can decrease (1) / or increase (2) the quantity of the item using the plus and minus symbol next to the number currently selected or delete (3) by clicking on the cross at the beginning of the line.

Koi Hacienda

Koi Hacienda

When you have all the necessary items, click on “proceed to checkout“.

Now comes the less attractive part of How to buy koi online as you have to fill in the data fields.

Koi Hacienda

Koi Hacienda Online Shop: necessary data and field for comments / instructions

You can also put some comments / instructions for us.

After validating your order, you will see the summary including transport costs:

Koi Hacienda

Koi Hacienda Online Shop: summary of your order

Payment: To make this part as pleasant as possible, we offer various payment methods (credit card, PayPal and bank transfer).

Please remember to click on “accept terms and conditions” before making the payment.

Koi Hacienda

Koi Hacienda Online Shop: Payment methods

This was the first part of How to buy koi online. There will be a second part to explain How to buy koi Tosai online because here you can group several koi in one single shipment.

Do you still have any questions? Please contact us.










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