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Carp pox – typical koi winter desease

 Carp pox is an external benign viral disease, which appears mostly in cold times in cyprinus carpio type fish.

Since several clients have sent us pictures of their affected koi, I thought it would be a good idea to write an article about this disease called carp smallpox.

Carp pox is expressed through a gray, white layer on the skin and fins. It looks like candle wax that has spilled over the body of the koi. Carp pox usually arises at low temperatures and usually disappears spontaneously in summer. The fish are not sick and the danger of contagion is low. The vulnerability of the disease is genetic.


enfermedad koi

Carp pox (photo by Dr. Maarten Lammens)

The recommended treatment is to increase the resistance of the fish. This is done by increasing the water temperature to 20 ° C. Other methods to help koi to become stronger is the addition of vitamin C, propolis or immun stimulants in water and food.

Koi Hacienda

Carp pox (photo by Dr. Maarten Lammens)

Our own experience with products to increase self-defense of the koi has led us to the products of specialized koi veterinarian Dr. Maarten Lammens. Thanks to his long experience with koi, he has realized that preventing is still the best remedy. That was the reason why he invested a lot of time in developing a product called Malamix17. A liquid composed of 17 natural ingredients such as ginger, marigold, aloe vera and a long etc. (see product sheet). All those ingredients have the ultimate goal of increasing the koi’s own defenses. The liquid (I call it “herbal liqueur” ?) is thrown into the pond (1 liter of Malamix17 is suitable for 10,000 liters of pond water) and is absorbed by the koi through the gills.

To improve the impact of the liquid, Maarten has subsequently investigated how to introduce these natural ingredients into the koi feed and developed the Malamix feed.

In Spanish it may have a negative connotation due to “MALA-mix”, but it refers only to the first letters of its name MAarten LAmmens.


koi sistema imunitario prevencion

Malamix17 to increase the self defenses

In cases of excessive growth, carp pox can be removed surgically, but it may return after some time.

Carp pox is also called “koi herpes virus I” (NOTHING to do with the deadly koi herpes virus KHV). In Spanish literature can be found under the name “viruela de carpa”.


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