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regalos koi

Koi gifts

Koi gifts for Christmas … here in Koi Hacienda we have numerous presents related to the koi world. Obviously can be koi of any type, but have also created a very attractive Set “Tosai”: 3 koi of at least 18 cm and a bucket of 4 kg of winter feed Ichi small pellets with FREE SHIPPING (Peninsula). […]

Ciber Lunes en Koi Hacienda

Cyber Monday in Koi Hacienda

Cyber Monday is – as well as the Black Friday – a commercial event started in USA.  While the Black Friday has not gained much commercial impact in Spain, Cyber ​​Monday is much more settled and accepted by customers, even if it made its debut much later: November 28, 2005. Let us structure these special events in a chronological […]

Black Friday

Black Friday at Koi Hacienda

Black Friday – as many commercial events – was born in USA to incentive shopping. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving and the “black” refers to traffic jams on that day to return home after celebrating the previous day with the family. When the Black Friday earned fame, […]

pez koi enfermo

Sick koi – quick answers

My koi is sick – what should I do? One who has a sick koi is concerned about the pet (or – if less emotional – the value that is in danger). The aim of this person is, to remedy as soon as possible. Sick koi – quick answers That would be best. Perhaps we are accustomed to […]

Qué es un núcleo zoológico

Registered zoological entity

Registered zoological entity – my personal translation of “núcleo zoológico” a legal document required in Spain. We thought it was understood. We took for granted that any activity that sells animals has its paperwork in order and legalized. But over time that Koi Hacienda has been in business, we’re becoming aware that there are much clandestine “agent” […]

koi de Japón

Japanese koi … Why koi from Japan?

Japanese Koi … why koi from Japan ? And why they are more expensive? These and many other questions we hear very often in Koi Hacienda but also in conversations with people who do not have their own koi but they have understood that this type of fish is worth a fortune. Obviously the press is […]