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como seleccionar buenos koi

How to select good koi

Workshop: How to select good koi This workshop aims to train the koi lover to make it easier to select even young koi. You will have a theoretical part in which we inform about varieties and families of the koi and the history and characteristics of some varieties. There will also be a practical part to […]


Koi hunting

Koi hunting The previous trips to Japan to select koi have been exciting, but this year … this year I got a slight idea of ​​what the gold-digger felt at the time of the gold rush. And Thierry … Thierry for the first time in 10 years of Koi Hacienda has really lived the word […]

peces koi

Koi water ballet

Probably not really worth a blog post, but … I like to share spontaneous things and anecdotes with you (that’s works very well in the social networks, in fact, I’ve also posted this on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter). Today a customer called who wanted to buy kohaku and Purachina (officially called platinum ogon). You know that in […]

río shinano japón

Ojiya, Niigata, Japan

Ojiya, Niigata, Japan is considered to be the cradle of the koi. It is located about 250 km northwest of Tokyo and has approximately 40,000 inhabitants mainly engaged in the koi business. Ojiya looks like a village because it is very extensive and the population – in my opinion – rather rural. Unfortunately I can’t say much […]

como coger un koi

The art to catch a koi

It is a real art to catch a koi … but people who have not tried, can not understand that. And all who have attempted to catch koi in a pond of a certain size, they know what I’m talking about. I use the term “catch” a koi instead of “fish” a koi because I get an image […]

Viaje a Japón

Trip to Japan selecting koi

The countdown for our trip to Japan has started. Another year we undertake the way to the home of the koi – Ojiya in the “province” of Niigata northwest of the Nippon Island. On Wednesday 10 February the plane departs from Málaga at 9:35 am to take us first to Paris. There are several possibilities to […]