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koi invierno

How to prepare my koi pond for winter

Better late than never. I honestly have to admit that I had not thought to write anything about winter. In Koi Hacienda the minimum temperature – of the water – is 15 degrees, due to being located near the Mediterranean coast and having semi-covered facilities (see virtual tour to understand better).   But telephone calls, […]

Ahorra comprando koi online

Summer Sale in Koi Hacienda

Summer Sale … all the famous brands are launching their Summer Sale 2016. Koi Hacienda, too. After having participated with great success during the commercial key dates such as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”, Koi Hacienda offers you THE possibility to have real Japanese jewels swimming in your pond. At very reasonable prices. 40% discount on  1 year koi  inserting VERANO1 during your […]

koi shusui

Shusui & Sushi

Shusui & Sushi We all know that the Japanese name of our beautiful koi are quite difficult … but now on top we mix with another word: Shusui & Sushi. Our intention is not to confuse you. We would like you to learn the difference in a funny and perhaps a little bit provocative way (like […]

Qué hacer cuándo llegan nuevos koi a casa

New koi – what to do when they arrive

New koi – what to do when they arrive Over the years Koi Hacienda exists, we have seen many mistakes (some of them with fatal consequences) that could have been easily avoided with a little more knowledge. In this article “New koi – what to do when they arrive” Koi Hacienda follows its philosophy to […]