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Top 5 mistakes when building a koi pond

Top 5 mistakes when building a koi pond “If I had known before …” is a phrase which we hear very often in Koi Hacienda when our clients consult us because of problems they have in their pond. With the article Top 5 mistakes when building a koi pond we want to give the possibility of learning […]


Start the season with healthy koi

Healthy koi – the key factor for every koi lover.  Because having a koi with stunning pattern but sick … ? We are already in March and with this – in great part of the Spanish territory – the temperatures are beginning to rise. With this rise in temperatures, our koi wake up slowly from […]

¿Cómo preparar tu estanque koi para el invierno-

How to prepare my koi pond for winter

Better late than never. I honestly have to admit that I had not thought to write anything about winter. In Koi Hacienda the minimum temperature – of the water – is 15 degrees, due to being located near the Mediterranean coast and having semi-covered facilities (see virtual tour to understand better).   But telephone calls, […]