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tategoi tateshita

What is a tategoi ? What is a tateshita ?

What is a tategoi ? What is a tateshita ? Tategoi and tateshita are koi with great potential. This definition is not a literal translation of Japanese. You also will not find these two words in a Japanese dictionary. They are terms used only among “koi people” to refer to koi “who will improve in […]

IMG_2960 2

Carp pox – typical koi winter desease

 Carp pox is an external benign viral disease, which appears mostly in cold times in cyprinus carpio type fish. Since several clients have sent us pictures of their affected koi, I thought it would be a good idea to write an article about this disease called carp smallpox. Carp pox is expressed through a gray, white […]

estanque koi filtro gravedad

Which filter for my koi pond ?

Which filter for my koi pond ?  Before becoming a koi lover, you have to become a water manager. A very wise expression. Which nobody wants to hear. Most people prefer to jump directly to the adventure of having many colourful jewelry swimming in the water. Many times it goes well. For a long time. But there will be […]

koi anestesia

How to anesthetize a koi ? What is anaesthesia ?

How to anesthetize a koi? What is anesthesia? The word anesthesia comes from the Greek and means “insensitivity“. It is a reversible pharmacological coma. It consists of blocking the tactile and pain sensitivity during a certain time with the help of an anesthetical product. The anesthesia of a koi is proceeds as follows: Induction Phase […]

enfermedades koi

My koi is sick. ¿Is that true?

What should I do if my koi does not eat ? What should I do if my koi rubs ? What should I do if my koi breathes heavily ? What should I do if ….  ??? Relax. Do exactly the same what a doctor would do with you or with your child: Analyze the […]